Varazze is one of the touristic jewels of the Riviera, located between the “ provincia di Savona” and “provincia di Genova” along the coast.

Varazze is spread along a bay, in-between “ la Punta del Molo” and “la Punta del’Aspera” with more than 3km of sandy beach. A breathtaking promenade of 5 km the “ Lungomare Europa”, is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Liguria.

The historic city centre presents all the characteristics of the traditional seaside village with alleyways (called “carrugi” in Genoese dialect) and small squares rich in history, savoir faire and many craft shops.

But Varazze isn’t only about beach, sun and resorts: Just a few miles away a rich hinterland is waiting for you with the possibility of strolling and trekking in the heart of the Mediterranean enviroment while discovering different ecosystems such as the one in the natural reserve of the Monte Beigua.

The city of Varazze is divided into 6 hamlets: Alpicella, with its archaeological area and museum. The presence of mankind during the Neolithic era has been established in Pero, Casanova, Cantalupo, Castabuona e Invrea.

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